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Schengen Document Processing Services (Apostille)

Is a Philippine based and registered document processing agency. We offer reliable, secure and fast Apostille services for a variety of Philippine issued documents such as, Birth Certificate Marriage Certificate, Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR), Transcript of Records (TOR) NBI, and Any Documents.

Document Processing

Any PSA Documents such as:

Birth Certificate

It is a vital record that documents the birth of a person. It is usually needed when you applied for a Job or getting married.

Marriage Certificate

It is an official statement that two people are married. It can be used for a general purpose to those married couple.

LTO Certificate

It is a document that can show the history of your driving experience. It is usually needed when you wish to drive outside the country.


It is a police clearance issued by National Bureau of Investigation. It is usually needed when you are applying for a job in and out the country.

Certification of No Marriage (CENOMAR)

It is a certification issued by PSA stating that a person has no record of marriage. It is usually needed by anyone who wish to get married.

Transcript of Records (TOR)

It is an official document from your University indication all the courses you have previously taken. It is usually needed when you wish to validate your credentials and to be honored by other countries.

Easy steps to acquire your document(s)

Just a few steps

Step 1

You can contact us through our Facebook page at Schengen Documents Processing Services or You can e-mail us at or message to our representative in Danmark Hezel Biwang Johannse´s Facebook mobile no +4542220136 Or contact Nancy Lamban Biwang 0968 731-6448 / 0932 673-1044

Step 2

You need to confirm what document(s) you need. Examples are Birth Certificate, Cenomar etc. We can provide you the template sample of authorization and the name of our representative who will act in your behalf.

Step 3

Once you submit to us your authorization and all the needed requirements like your valid ID or a copy of your Passport we can start the process. Get the needed documents and make an appointment for Apostille in DFA with the document owner and name of the representative. In this pandemic time we cannot enter within the DFA in we don’t have a booked appointment.

Step 4

After we delivered your documents to DFA, we will Send you the receipt as a proof that your documents is in process and ready for Apostille and we will just wait for releasing.

Step 5

Once your documents are ready it will be send to your given address via DHL and you can send us your payment through Bank. We will give you the tracking number as the DHL accepts your documents.
Schengen Apostille

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We are legal and a Philippine registered Processing and Services. We offer and secure your documents with a fast, easy and hustle free transaction.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get an Apostille Documents?

You just need to provide two Authorization Letters 1 for Philippine Statistic Authority (PSA) 1 for Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). And a copy of your passport if you are OUTSIDE the Philippines and 1 valid ID if your are IN the Philippines.

How can I get an Apostille for minors?

We need a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) that you need to send to us. The DFA and PSA will not accept scan or email they want the original.

How long will it take to Process my Apostille Documents?

We can get the PSA documentation in one day. Due to this Pandemic DFA has a new guidelines, We need to to have an appointment with the Name of the documents (your name) to be Apostille and the authorized name (our agent). Once we have a confirmation for appointment, Apostille of documents will take 3 working days and another 3-4 days for DHL door to door delivery.

What if my PSA birth is not clear?

There are a lot of cases that PSA birth is not clear and unreadable. If this happens we need a Local Birth or Form IA for supporting documents to be needed in DFA.

How to Process my NBI?

In order to process your NBI we need you to fill out the NBI application FORM or BLUE form. You can get that in any Philippine Consulate or Embassy. You just need to bring your passport 2×2 with white background ID. You need to send us the ORIGINAL copy of SPA, NBI, BLUE FORM with your FINGERPRINT and 2×2 ID picture and a copy of your passport.

How to Apostille my TOR and Dimploma?

We need the ORIGINAL copy of your TOR and Diploma. And it should be Certified, Authenticated and Verified by the CHED or DEpED before it can be Apostillized in DFA.

How to Process my Land Transportation Office (LTO) Certificate?

In order to get your LTO Certificate, You need to provide us TWO Authorization Letter ONE for Land Transportation Office (LTO) and One for the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) and a COPY of your PASSPORT or Valid ID.

How can I Pay?

  • Online Transfer
  • Remittance
  • Paymaya

Name: Nancy Lamban Biwang
Address: #60 Kapit Bisig Central Ave. Brgy. Culiat 1128 Quezon City

Phone: +4542220136

Mobile: +63968 731-6648 / +63932 673-1044

You can reach us through our e-mail or message us on our Facebook page.
Contact Nancy or Hezel. We can accommodate you 24/7

#60 Kapit Bisig Central Ave. Brgy. Culiat 1128 Quezon City

You can reach us through our e-mail or message us in our facebook page.Contact Nancy or Hezel.We can accomodate you 24/7

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